Google+ vs. Facebook

In the tech world today there are two major players when it comes to social networking, Google+ and of course Facebook. Both have their pluses and minuses, no pun intended.

One of the most obvious differences is the number of users. Facebook has approximately 1.11 billions users active as of this year. Google+ on the other hand has about 500 million users. With the huge gap in active users, a lot of people feel that Google+ is a second social media service, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Facebook is great due to the amount of the users it has, you can catch up with old friends and colleagues that you have lost touch with, but it size is also in many ways its downfall. Remember when Facebook first started and you had to have college email address to join? The crowd was controlled at that time and therefore the experience was as well. Now it is filled with middle school children and an older generation that is just discovering social media with a few sensible adults sprinkled in for color. The quality of the posts that you read on Facebook has drastically declined since its start and part of it is due to its size. If it isn't a request to play a ridiculous game, a video of some one fighting, or the famous"If I don't get a million like then the world will end!" post you would not have any noteworthy information.

Google+ on the other hand reminds me of the Facebook of old, it still has a nice controlled and what I normally find a much more mature crowd. Your experience can be tailored to your individual liking. The privacy settings are second to none, and the Circles idea is the greatest thing since Gmail. (I had to laugh at that last one myself.) Not to mention if you live in Google's ecosystem of services and devices, the integration of Google+ simply just works. It's amazing how if I want to download an app from the Play Store, I can see who in my Circles has this app and if they wrote a review I can see what exactly they love about the app. That is Genius! I also find that the interaction on Google+ is much more engaging. People actually discuss the post and interact with one another other than just hitting a "like" button. Information is actually exchanged and a most of the time I learn something from the discussion or in rare moments teach someone something else they did not know. To take a line from Apple, it's all about the experience on Google+

Not to seem like I am bashing one and uplifting the other, I do feel that Facebook and Google+ has a place in the social media atmosphere, after all I use them both daily. Facebook has the numbers, therefore if I am looking to connect with someone I have lost contact with, Facebook is the go to site. On the other hand if I am looking to gain some information and really discuss an issue or learn something new for the day there is no other place to go than Google+. For right now I will continue to bounce back and forth between the two to fulfill need of daily social media, that is until all my friends learn about Google+...then again based on the history of Facebook maybe I don't want them to know.