IPad Pro....It Is What It is...and What It Is Not

What's going on fellow tech lovers, this is Erran from #StayTechdUp and today I am going to give you my thoughts on the "mixed bag" Apple calls the iPad Pro.


First, before we get started, just a disclaimer. The iPad Pro is not a laptop replacement, I did not purchase it for that reason, it is a really good compliment device. With that out the way, let's dive in.


The iPad Pro is a great device that really struggles to answer where it fits in the workflow for the average person. With the "Pro" badge most want to place it in the realm of professional content creators, but that is not entorely the case here. This tablet can cover a wide area of use for the average consumer and professional alike. We are going to  take a look at three areas that make the iPad Pro what is it, and frankly what it is not.


Number one, we are going to dive into content consumption. Let's face it we have bought or have thought about buying an iPad for this sole reason. No matter if you are a binge watcher of Hulu or Netflix, avid YouTube buff, or just love holding websites in the palm of your hand; the iPad has been the king of this arena for a long time. It's something magical about being able to interact with content at your finger tips on a screen larger than your average smartphone. The iPad Pro does an amazing job in continuing that legacy. The huge display just seems to suck you into what you are viewing. It displays so much more information on the screen at once than your older iPad models. It makes you not want to put it away even if your battery icon is blood red. That's what great about it, it's a huge iPad Air. With four stereo speakers pumping out huge sound, OH MY GOD it is such an experience! On the flip side of that same coin, you start to realize "Damn this thing is huge and it becomes unwieldy". There is some fatigue to holding it for a long period of  time and you begin to question is there a such thing as too big? This is where you see that there are trade offs you have to make to have a device this massive.


Secondly, as I stated in the disclaimer earlier, can this be a laptop replacement? The short answer in my opinion is no! But wait let's take a deeper look. There is plenty of power in the iPad Pro, trust me when I say this thing hauls. There are several options for keyboards and the screen is definitely plenty for everyday use, so why not? Well to be frank it's iOS. The iPad Pro is at least 2 generations ahead of the software. Sure you can get some basic work done with the massive AppStore from Apple but you do not have access to the file system and let's face it, no matter how well designed an app is it still lacks a lot of the fundamental elements that you get with the full desktop applications. Now with all of that said I have been using my iPad Pro exclusively over my MacBook Pro for the past seven days and I must say I don't miss my MBP. Ninety percent of my day to day normal interactions with my MBP is either on the Internet or can be achieved by opening an app. Also if most people are honest with themselves you will realize the same. We all live on the Internet and no matter if it is social media, checking bank information, or just word processing (like this review I'm writing from the iPadPro) it can all be done on this device. And unless you make a living off of content creation; touching up a photo or editing a short video it can all be done from the iPad. Noticing a pattern here? The iPad Pro gives us this duality of what it is capable of doing with some trade offs.


Lastly, we have the price of this device, which seems to get the most attention when it comes to making a decision of should I take the dive or just wait. This is a hard one for me because I went to get the iPad Pro at least a dozen times and 11 times I talked myself out of it because of the price. I have the 128GB Wifi+Lte which will set you back over $1100 bucks....ouch! This is where the iPad Pro does not give you that "two sides of the coin" option......or does it? Let's face it $1100.00 is nothing to laugh at, but let's compare what you are getting. You get a device that can edit RAW photos and 4K content, it rivals the power of 70% of laptops out there , and you get one of the best designed and built devices around (in my opinion). To compare, if you were to get a Surface Pro 4 or any 2 in 1 device to compare in the performance you will spend around the same amount of money as you would with the iPad Pro. Dare I say it again another "mixed bag"?


To sum it up, it's like I said in the title, the iPad Pro is what it is....and what it is not. It's a great device for content consumption due to the huge screen, but the screen size can become  overwhelming. It is not a laptop replacement, but with the power and the fact it has replaced my laptop (for basic things) for the past 7 days; it is possible. The price is high, but compared to a really good quality machine of like kind and caliber...no so much so. Bottom line is if you are still on the fence about picking one up, think about exactly what you will ask when you do. Honestly for just content consumption get Air 2 and save some money. If you even think about asking for more don't rule out this two headed monster Apple calls the iPad Pro.